Dead Air Armament

Dead Air Armament is a firearm silencer manufacturer originally founded by an already well-known silencer creator. Not only does this company boast several years of experience between its founders, but it also wholeheartedly stands behind all of its products.

YHM Nitro N20 Long and Short

YHM Nitro N20

The YHM Nitro N20 is new suppressor from Yankee Hill Machine that is sure to be a hot item in the “most flexible” category for 2020. The tag line of “One Can, Do It All” is quite appropriate given versatility of this unit. Made from titanium…it’s extremely lightweight and durable. When YHM was deciding on a material for the newest…

AAC Aviator2 Suppressor

AAC Aviator2 Firearm Suppressor

When purchasing a suppressor for your firearm, it can be difficult. There are so many options and you don’t know where to turn. This is understandable. However, the AAC Aviator2 is a great option for first-time buyers and veteran buyers. As an upgrade to the Pilot 2, it is a great suppressor for your firearm for many reasons. If you…

Best Suppressors 2019

Best Suppressors for 2019

Introduction You are going out to purchase a silencer, however, which one do you buy? Which one is best for your firearm? Well, there are so many options that we are here to guide you along the right path. Before you can purchase a silencer, you must know how to purchase the right one and some specifics about suppressors. After…

What is a Baffle Stack Suppressor?

Introduction Without a doubt, owning a gun is a great privilege and a right. Many people own guns for a variety of reasons. They use them for hunting, sport and collecting. In fact, owning a gun can be considered an investment.  One of the advantages of owning a gun, is being able to add on accessories. These accessories include scopes,…


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