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You are going out to purchase a silencer, however, which one do you buy? Which one is best for your firearm? Well, there are so many options that we are here to guide you along the right path. Before you can purchase a silencer, you must know how to purchase the right one and some specifics about suppressors. After that, we will help you find the best suppressor on the market for 2019!

Background Info About Suppressors

The first thing you should know is that a suppressor is designed for specific calibers. Each suppressor is designed for use specifically. This means they are designed to fit a specific caliber. This is because each bullet size, pressure, and gas flow all matter. For example, if you own a suppressor for a specific caliber and switch it to another, you will not be pleased. If you use the wrong caliber silencer on a firearm, the bullet will create its own hole. This will result in a junk suppressor.

The Best Suppressor by Caliber

Each suppressor is designed for the caliber it is meant to be paired with. It is designed this way because each caliber has different volumes and strength. You should always look at the limitations when purchasing a suppressor. This could read something like this, this suppressor is rated for this firearm with barrels longer than this many inches.

Suppressors can only handle a certain amount of gas flow volume and pressure. This warning label or limitations is warning you about what the suppressor can handle. You may ask why is this? Well, the noise that you hear when you fire a firearm is caused by pressure. The chamber pressure reaches a maximum and when the pressure decreases the bullet will move forward. When the bullet exits the muzzle of the firearm it creates uncorking pressure. This pressure is the pressure that causes the noise you are trying to control with a suppressor.

The shorter your barrel, the louder and higher pressure there is. For those interested in finding the right suppressor, the ammo that you use makes a difference as well. The progressive powder keeps the pressure up when the bullet goes forward. This gives you more speed. This will increase the uncorking pressure as well. This is more pressure that your suppressor must deal with. This is why all suppressors have a minimum barrel length.

Types of Suppressors

When it comes to suppressors, there are five categories: shotgun, rimfire, pistole, multi-use, and rifle. Let us talk about these suppressors in a little more detail.

Rimfire Suppressors

These cost between $200 and $450. These are lighter and smaller. These are designed for rimfire cartridges. Purchasing a rimfire suppressor is the easiest way to get a quiet firearm. When you use the appropriate ammo, the loudest noise that will be present is when the bullet hits your target. Rimfire ammunition is generally dirty so you will have to take apart this suppressor to clean it. Generally, this suppressor will attach the barrel directly with a thread pattern.

Pistol Suppressors

You will see these priced at $400 to $800. These are designed for the recoil of semiautomatic firearms. Most of these suppressors have spring-operated boosters to help the action.

Rifle Suppressors

These types of suppressors range from $500 to $1500. They are specially designed to handle high pressure and temperatures. Rifles create a lot of pressure and high temperatures. These models can be either directly threaded on or have quick detach options. Generally, you won’t be able to take these apart to clean them. These suppressors are sealed. However, with that being said, rifle silencers almost never need to be taken apart to be cleaned. Most of the carbon build-up that would be found in other silencers are blasted out by the high energy of the rifle shot.

Multi-Use Suppressors

You can expect to pay at least $600 for these but no more than $900 for this suppressor. This type of suppressor combines traits from all the above categories. It is the do-it-all type of silencer. You can use these silencers between different firearms. However, this also means they are not going to provide you with the best experience for each category. They work well but are not the best option for individual firearms.

Shotgun Suppressors

These suppressors run around $1200. This is the hardest category out of them all. These suppressors are designed for individual shotguns. There are a few options available, however, if you are a first-time buyer, you should shy away from these.

Which Suppressor is Best for You?

You want the best silencer; however, you don’t know where to start. Well, we are going to get you on the right path. You need to manage expectations. Remember, silencers are meant to help reduce the noise, not eliminate it. They are also designed to help reduce pressure as well as flash. Do not take what you see in movies and expect it to work for you like that. Believe it or not, when shooting a firearm with a suppressor, you may still need hearing protection. The quietest suppressor is the rimfire suppressor.

If you are set on suppressing bigger or louder guns, keep in mind that even with a silencer your firearm will still be loud.

When purchasing a silencer, keep this in mind. You need to determine what you are using the silencer for and what caliber you want it to be put on. This will help you find something quickly. From this point, you can look at different brands and prices. This will reduce how overwhelmed you may become.

If you have more than one firearm, you should purchase the silencer for the one that you use most. You should always pick your favorite firearm for choosing your silencer. Keep in mind that almost all firearms can be suppressed with only three silencers.

Jaeger 30

The Jaeger 39 fits 200-win Mag, 300 BLK, and 308 Win. It has a titanium mount as well as a blast baffle. This is made of durable Grade 9 Titanium. The outer part of the suppressor is made of aluminum. The titanium part of the suppressor is the strongest part. This is compatible with almost all .30 caliber rifles that are on the market today. It has 5/8-24 threads. It reduces sound up to 138 decibels.
The name of this suppressor derived from the German word used for a hunter. This design was made to provide those hunting with not only sound reduction but recoil reduction as well.

SAS Eadrom 

This suppressor attaches to the SAS muzzle brake. If you purchase keep in mind that the muzzle brake is not included. It reduces sound up to 33 decibels and is only five and a half inches in length. It is very light and only weighs nine ounces. It fits 5.56 caliber firearms. It attaches directly to the firearm that you are using.

GemTech Mist- 22

This suppressor is great for keeping your barrel compact without adding the expected extra length of a silencer. It has separate barrels that have a built-in suppressor. The barrels will match a 22LR chamber. It works with commercially available bull stocks. This is designed to work well with Ruger 10/22 rifles.

This works with 22LR caliber firearms with a noise reduction of 40 decibels. It is about sixteen inches in length and weighs about one and a half pounds. It is a durable silencer made of aluminum.

Surefire SOCOM 7.62

This is a quick detach model. It is made for rifles that have barrels of twelve inches or longer. This is the second generation of this silencer. The model was given a second generation because improvements were made. This model provides minimal impact shift and provides the sound to be under 140 decibels. It is compatible with many types of firearms including the 7.62, 6.8, and 5.56.

It is about eight and a half inches long and weighs about 19.5 ounces. It is made of an alloy that can withstand high temperature. It is best used on rifles with a twelve or longer inch barrel and a 7.62mm caliber. Detaches quickly and will remove within a few seconds. The best part about this silencer is that it is made right here in the United States!


This is a silencer that will allow you to utilize stock sights. It can be shot in many different configurations. You can stack about four baffles together you will be at a safe hearing level with the use of subsonic ammo. If you stack all eleven baffles you are just below 122 decibels. There is no minimum barrel length and it only weighs about ten and a half ounces. It can be used with many different calibers including:

  • 32 Auto
  • 9MM
  • 380 Auto
  • 22LR
  • 17HMR
  • 22 MAGS
  • 5.7X28MM

AAC Ti-Rant for 9MM

This suppressor is full-auto rated and only weighs 9.5 ounces at full configuration. When you use the shorter configuration, it weighs only 7.75 ounces. It is eight inches in length with the full configuration and only 5.8 inches with the shorter configuration. You can switch between the two configurations without any tools.

You can take this model apart and clean it very easily. It is a durable model that is made of stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. When you buy this suppressor, you are getting a two-for-one deal!

To make assembly easy after you clean the suppressor, it has color-coded baffles to ensure that it is properly pieced back together. 

Nomad-30: Dead Air

This suppressor is very lightweight and versatile. This silencer is designed for those who shoot their firearm often. It is made of lightweight stainless steel and titanium. It can be used on many types of rifles so that you can switch it based on your needs for the day. It only weighs fourteen ounces. It is a direct thread mount that is very easy to remove and change.

Q Trash Panda

This is known as the quickie silencer. It is also called fun-size because it is so compact. This is for the use on 7.62 mm rifles. It is shorter than seven inches and it is fast to attach. It is made of titanium to provide a long-lasting and durable silencer. It weighs 11.9 ounces and provides quite the suppression for such a small model.

While this is best with 7.62 NATO ammo, it can be used with .300BLK and .300WM ammunition as well.

Energetic Armament Vox S

This is a very lightweight, quiet, and durable silencer. The material used, nickel-Colbalt, is stronger than stainless steel and titanium. Plus, it is lighter than titanium. It has the abilities of much heavier suppressors. This suppressor weighs only 12.4 ounces. It doesn’t have a barrel length restriction and it is only 5.9 inches long.  It is compatible with many caliber firearms which makes it very versatile. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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