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Bowers Group Brand Overview

Bowers Group is a firearm and Suppressor manufacturer that began developing affordable firearm products in the late 1990s and, since then, has widened its range of products substantially. The company’s product line includes a high-temperature silicone suppressor cover to help prevent firearm damage and consumer injury when using a silencer.

Though its product selection is extensive and sales are booming, its customer service department is still lauded for its short response time and dedication to the company. The brand also stands behind its products 100% and will service your products to guarantee accurate repairs.

The products available for purchase from Bowers Group include suppressors, mount accessories, silencer covers, retrofitting services, and company decals.

Current Suppressor Models

Of the suppressors that Bowers Group manufactures are rifle, pistol, and submachine gun. Here is a brief overview of the individual products in each of these categories.


Depending on which rifle suppressor you decide to purchase, you’ll be able to use it with various types of guns, making these products extremely convenient. For the most part, these rifle suppressors are full auto rated and are compatible with calibers that include .308, .376,  6mm, and more. Simply put, you basically have endless possibilities when you purchase one of these rifle suppressors.

Here are some of the rifle suppressors available at Bowers Group.


Some of these pistol silencers are very easy to install and disassemble due to the inclusion of a wrench. A majority of Bowers Group’s pistol silencers are wildly lightweight, some weighing as little as two ounces, making them easier to use, especially for those new to silencers. There are also pistol silencers available from this company in different colors, so if you’re the type that doesn’t want a basic black gun and accessories, you don’t have to settle for that.

Here are the pistol suppressors available from Bowers Group.

Submachine Gun

Unlike many other firearm manufacturers, Bowers Group offers a few options when it comes to submachine gun suppressors. The suppressors are compatible with 9mm firearms, but you can also use them with .30 caliber weapons. These submachine gun suppressors are extremely versatile and durable and are able to withstand high firing rates without damaging the suppressor or the gun. There are also variations of these suppressors that include different inserts depending on which type of weapon you plan to pair it with.

Here are the submachine gun suppressors available at Bowers Group.

Silencer Covers

One of the more interesting products for sale at Bowers Group is their silicone silencer covers. While not a required piece of equipment by any means, they have the potential to reduce the amount of heat that your hand comes in contact with when shooting a gun. This accessory will also protect your gun and your silencer, in addition to your hands and body.

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