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Brand Overview

Dead Air Armament is a firearm silencer manufacturer originally founded by an already well-known silencer creator. Not only does this company boast several years of experience between its founders, but it also wholeheartedly stands behind all of its products.

Dead Air Armament develops products that are engineered for greatness, guaranteeing high-quality performance without cutting corners in the design and production process. The company focuses on creating some of the quietest suppressors on the market through its in-depth engineering and testing processes.

The products available for purchase from Dead Air Armament include silencers, muzzle brakes, and flash hiders.

Current Suppressor Models

Of the suppressors that Dead Air Armament manufactures are centerfire rifle, centerfire pistol, and rimfire suppressors. Here is a brief overview of the individual products in each of these categories.

Wolverine PBS-1

This rifle suppressor comes with two locking collars to allow you to adjust the thread as necessary and a removable front cap for easy replacement when you desire.


This rifle suppressor is composed of high-durability stainless steel and comes with a unique baffle design that prevents the cliche sound associated with the first round fired.


This rifle suppressor is most compatible with higher pressure calibers and is nearly indestructible with its Grade 5 titanium composition.


This rifle suppressor is similar to the other Sandman models in terms of having a solid core and removable front cap, but this model only provides an additional 2.9 inches to the end of your firearm.


This rifle suppressor is much larger than the Sandman K at 6.8 inches, but it’s simple to remove with one hand and is compatible with a wide range of rifle calibers.


This rifle suppressor is the largest of the Sandman line at 8.9 inches and is also one of the quietest rifle suppressors available today.


This rifle suppressor has a direct thread attachment that’ll make it the perfect fit for any of your favorite rifles.


This pistol suppressor is also suitable for rifles and subguns and comes with two length configurations and the option to add a wipe to enhance suppression abilities.


This pistol suppressor is engineered to withstand any volume of firing while also allowing you to alternate between longer and shorter configurations depending on your shooting needs.


This pistol suppressor is considered a compact suppressor with 11 configuration adjustment options for a fully-personalized weapon.


This pistol suppressor is also compatible with subguns and offers a brand new design introduced to ensure the quietest shot possible.


This rimfire suppressor is an incredibly durable stainless steel and titanium accessory that provides optimal performance at a low weight.

Other Products

If you already have a suppressor or just ordered one of the many Dead Air Armament suppressors that we mentioned above, you might also want to look into some of their other products that you can use in conjunction with your new suppressor, which include a muzzle brake and flash hiders.

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