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While not much is known about the history of GunWerks, it is believed that the company was founded in 2006 as a smaller name firearm and firearm accessory manufacturer that has significantly grown in size in the last several years. In the 14 years since its inception, GunWerks has completely revamped what it means to be a solid firearm company.

In addition to high-quality products, GunWerks also offers training classes and events to help you learn about how to use more advanced equipment and get the most out of your firearm when you’re hunting. With these available opportunities, it would be obvious to state that GunWerks doesn’t just care about its products, but also its consumers.

The products available for purchase from GunWerks include rifles, revic options, rifle components, ammunition, and other firearm accessories.

Current Suppressor Models

Of the suppressors that GunWerks manufactures are different types of rifle hunting suppressors. Here is a brief overview of the individual products.

General Information

Regardless of which of the two GunWerks suppressors you purchase, you’ll be getting a high-quality product designed for long-range shooting, especially ideal in hunting. Both models include thread adapters and a mounting system that is incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble when necessary, so you won’t have to dread those processes.

Because of its tubeless and lightweight design, these suppressors are even more capable of handling pressure no matter what type of weapon you’re using. The stainless steel construction further confirms its ability to withstand your hunting needs.

6ix Hunting Suppressor

This rifle suppressor is the most lightweight of the two options you have at Gunwerks, but this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use it as you want. The 6ix is built for long-range hunting and is recognized for its ability to provide a stellar performance without affecting accuracy and alignment.

best hunting suppressor

At 6 inches in length and 12.4 ounces in weight, this suppressor is relatively compact, but its stainless steel composition provides all the durability it needs. It is a great hunting suppressor option in situations where mobility is important.

8ight Suppressor

This rifle suppressor is longer and heavier than the 6ix, but you shouldn’t expect this to affect its performance when you need it the most. This model is advertised as being exceptionally precise when shooting and able to meet your long-range hunting needs with ease.

Hunting Suppressor

On top of all of the benefits that the 6ix provides, the 8ight puts substantially more effort into reducing the amount of recoil while still maintaining accuracy and alignment. At over 8 inches in length and over 18 ounces in weight, this is perhaps one of the most sturdy hunting rifle suppressors that you can purchase.

Other Products

In addition to providing you with two high-quality hunting suppressor options, GunWerks also includes a large variety of other rifle products. On their website, you can find rifle ammunition, some rifle components, basic accessories for rifles, and actual complete rifles. GunWerks is by far one of the most reputable rifle and rifle accessory companies in existence today.

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