Most Anticipated Suppressors for 2020

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, how long you’ve been using them, or what equipment you’re currently using; new firearm accessory releases will always have the potential to affect your future relationship with your guns. It’s 2020 and new suppressors are always something that peak our interest!

Each year, gun manufacturers and distributors develop new products targeting the specific needs and desires of gun enthusiasts worldwide. With each new product, there is the potential to completely alter how you use your gun and how well it performs.

In 2020, the market is expected to see a drastic increase in new firearm accessory products, which includes suppressors. Whether you are currently using a suppressor or not, learning about the quality products on the market and how to use a suppressor is essential.

With that said, here are some of the most anticipated suppressors for 2020 and a brief guide on how to select the perfect one.

Suppressors for 2020 – Coming Soon

In this section, we will review some of the more anticipated suppressors expected to be released in 2020 (or were released near the end of 2019/early 2020). These suppressors are in no particular order, and the only intention here is to provide you with as much relevant information as possible to inform you of these new products and consider the ones that are most suitable for you.

We will review some of the significant features of each, which types of guns they’re compatible with, and possibly some information about the manufacturer itself.

Gemtech Lunar 9

Gemtech doesn’t actually manufacture guns, but it is extremely well-known for its suppressor products, ammunition, and other firearm accessories. Originally founded in 1993, Gemtech has become one of the leading names in firearm suppressors on a global scale.

The Gemtech Lunar 9 is one of the company’s newest products, and it was intentionally designed to outperform its competitors.

When designing the Lunar 9, Gemtech intended to create its quietest product to date, but it also does much more than silence your gunfire. With a new baffle design, you’ll easily be able to assemble and disassemble the suppressor as you please for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

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Depending on your preferences, you can easily transition between the 4.7-inch and 7-inch configurations that come with the suppressor. In addition to this personalization, you’ll be guaranteed durability due to the Lunar 9’s aluminum coat and stainless steel baffle, both of which play a vital role in this suppressor’s performance long-term.

This model is compatible with 9mm, 300BLK, carbines, and SMGs.

Ase Utra Au Radien

Ase Utra is a Finnish-based that specializes in firearm attachments like suppressors, flash hiders, and muzzle brakes. While it isn’t the most popular manufacturer when it comes to firearms, that doesn’t mean it lacks in quality or performance. This specific model is not yet released, but it’s already receiving rave reviews from gun enthusiasts and experts and makes our list of eagerly anticipated suppressors for 2020.

Their newest model, the Au Radien, is constructed with the avid hunter in mind. As all suppressors do, this model reduces the amount of sound produced when you pull the trigger, but it also provides incredible reduction to recoil at the same time. This suppressor is capable of reducing firing sound to about 30 decibels, but also significantly decreases the amount of recoil with each pull of the trigger.

Not only is this suppressor incredibly successful at doing its intended job, but it also does so with a small physical size (about 4-inches). This product is anticipated to be released sometime in March 2020 globally.

This model is compatible with .223, 6.5mm, and .30 configurations.

Sig Sauer 3D Printed Silencer (Titanium & Inconel)

Sig Sauer is a firearm manufacturer credited for its impressive array of firearms, accessories, and attachments since its inception in the 1800s. As needs began to change and resources developed, Sig Sauer started to implement 3D printing into its production process. With that, the Sig Sauer 3D Printed Silencer was born.

These 3D printed silencers have been around for a little while now, but the newer versions are developed from new and improved titanium and Inconel materials, which guarantees a durable product capable of withstanding any amount of heat or firing volume.

The Sig Sauer printed silencers are built for 9mm, .45, 5.56mm, .300BLK, and a large number of other caliber sizes. What that means for you is that no matter what type of firearm you own, there is probably a 3D printed silencer built for it.

One of the most significant features of this suppressor is its ability to be assembled and disassembled, allowing you to adjust the baffles as needed. This is a solid example of a quality suppressor and also demonstrates Sig Sauer’s willingness to adapt to new manufacturing methods as they become more popular.

Yankee Hill Machine Resonator K

Yankee Hill Machine is a manufacturer whose name you’re going to hear often in the near future. The company is relatively well-known for producing firearm accessories and suppression tools, usually at a more reasonable price tag than other distributors. When you purchase from Yankee Hill Machine, you’re purchasing American-made products.

The Resonator K is one of Yankee Hill Machine’s newest suppressor models and has been affectionately nicknamed “K-can.” With this model, you can ensure that your firearm will produce much less noise while also being lightweight and easier to use in all scenarios.

The physical construction of the Resonator K involves a heat-treated stainless steel baffle that’ll be able to handle any amount of ammunition you choose to fire, no matter how fast you intend to fire. With the convenience of having a 1-3/8”-24 thread, you’ll be able to replace the current mount with almost any available similar mount on the market, which is great if you enjoy modding your guns.

With your purchase of the Resonator K, you’re also given the option between a flash hider and a muzzle brake, which allows you to select the accessory most relevant to how and when you use your firearms.

This suppressor is compatible with .17 HMR to .300 configurations.

SilencerCo. Omega 36M

Silencer Co. is a relatively new silencer production company but has steadily become one of the most renowned manufacturers for silencer products in the world. Their products are noted for being of high-quality, particularly to build a strong relationship between manufacturer and customer. With that said, Silencer Co. advertises itself as a customer-first business that eagerly looks out for the hearing needs of its clients.

The Silencer Co. Omega 36M is perhaps the most recent Silencer Co. suppressor product, but this doesn’t mean it’s lacking in quality. In fact, it just may be one of the most versatile and durable products in the suppressor market in 2020.

The suppressor is compatible with calibers ranging between .22 and .338, and the length of the suppressor will vary depending on which firearm you use and how you like to set it up. Though it sports a lightweight construction, the suppressor is composed of Inconel, Cobalt 6, and Titanium, all of which support an incredibly durable structure despite its weight.

n 2020, the market is expected to see a drastic increase in new firearm accessory products, which includes suppressors. Whether you are currently using a suppressor or not, learning about the quality products on the market and how to use a suppressor is essential.

Griffin Armament GP-N

Griffin Armament is a firearm accessory distributor advertising itself as, “By snipers, for everyone.” Of their many different products, Griffin Armament is most well-known for its variety of silencers available for almost any firearm you can think of. With its initial debut at the 2020 SHOT Show, the Griffin Armament GP-N is the newest silencer that’s been added to its line of products.

To use the Griffin Armament GP-N, you need to attach it to an A2 Nato flash hider. When engineering this suppressor, Griffin Armament was looking to develop a product that helped users maintain alignment while hiding flash after firing. This is the perfect combination of both features.

One of the most talked-about features of this suppressor is the easy removal and assembly of the product. The suppressor comes with wrench tools designed to allow you to adjust the attachment of your suppressor.

The price of this suppressor is much lower than the majority of suppressors in the market, but the quality is still there. You’ll be able to purchase the Griffin Armament GP-N sometime in 2020.

Yankee Hill Machine Turbo Integral

We mentioned Yankee Hill Machine earlier when we introduced the Resonator K. The 5.56mm Turbo Integral Suppression System won’t be released until mid-2020, and not much is already known about what to expect when the product is finally shipped to distributors. However, since it’s a product of Yankee Hill Machine, it’s likely to wow gun experts.

Like most popular suppressors on the market, the Turbo Integral is also developed from a powerful Inconel composition. Though this suppressor is significantly larger from many of the others on the list, it’s still highly capable of performing in the way you intend.

When you purchase the Turbo Integral, you’ll also receive a charging handle, handguard, and specialized gas block. The potential that this suppressor holds is huge.

More details will be released when the release date approaches.

A Guide to Suppressors (Silencers)

Before you impulsive purchase a suppressor for your firearm, you should gain a general understanding on what they are, what they do, and how to purchase the right one. In the same realm, you should also receive this information to see if a suppressor would be a good addition to your firearm collection. The best thing you can do as a firearm owner is to educate yourself on the firearm and accessories available.

What are they?

Though you may have never heard the term “suppressor,” you have most likely heard the term “silencer.” They are one and the same.

A suppressor is a firearm attachment secured to the end of the barrel. When you pull the trigger of the gun, the construction of the suppressor results in noise cancellation, reduced flash, and minimal recoil. These are some of the very reasons that people purchase suppressors.

How do Suppressors work?

Suppressors do much more than sitting on the end of your gun’s barrel waiting for you to pull the trigger. There is a lot of science behind how suppressors work to reduce sound in firearms (as well as the other positive benefits).

When you fire a gun normally, pulling the trigger results in a chain-reaction response within the gun. During this process, a large number of gases and heat are released all at the same time and exit the gun. With this sudden release, the direct result is a loud sound we often describe as “gunfire.”

By adding a suppressor to the end of your barrel, you’re adjusting the speed at which the heat and gases are released from the firearm. Simply put, when the gases and heat come out slower, they cause less of a sound and flash.

Why would I need one?

You might be impressed by what suppressors do, but you may also be unsure of how this type of attachment relates to you and your firearms. There are many reasons you might want to purchase a suppressor and unfortunately, movies and television have begun to tarnish the reputation of silencers. There are plenty of uses for suppressors that don’t involve violence or crime.

Here are some benefits of using a suppressor.

  • They produce less of a recoil. When you pull the trigger of a firearm, the gun lurches back in your hand as the gases and heat are released from the barrel. This will happen with any gun you fire. When you add a suppressor to the end of your gun, you’re essentially reducing the amount of recoil possible upon firing. This is because the release of the gases and heat is significantly slowed down when you’re using a suppressor.
  • They can protect your ears. While you’re probably wearing earplugs or other ear protection devices while firing your gun, they can only do so much. If you’re consistently using your gun, there’s a greater chance that you’ll develop hearing difficulties. With the addition of a suppressor and reduction of gas and heat release, the gun produces a quieter sound that has less of an impact on your hearing.
  • They can protect your eyes. You’re probably wondering how a quieter sound can protect your eyes, but you need to take into account all of the functions that a suppressor has. A large number of suppressors on the market actually reduce the amount of flash created when firing your gun. With that said, if you’re using your gun at night, you won’t be exposed to as much of a flash, which can potentially harm your eyes and vision.

How do I know which Suppressor to get in 2020?

The most important thing you need to know before purchasing a suppressor is the caliber of your gun. Unlike some types of accessories and attachments, suppressors are not that versatile when it comes to different caliber weapons.

What that means is you can’t stick a 9mm suppressor on a .30 rifle and expect it to do its job completely. This not only opens you up to destroying the suppressor, but it can also significantly affect the functioning and quality of your gun.

At the end of the day, you know what you’re looking for when it comes to features. Whether that’s increased noise cancelation, reduced flash, adjustable mounts, or even different colors, you know what you want in a gun accessory.

Knowing this information, you can research the best suppressors on the market and select one that not only matches the caliber of your firearm but also meets your needs when it comes to desired features.

The best thing you can do is determine which brands are the most reputable. After that, you can figure out which of their specific models would be best for you and your gun.


Regardless of what type of firearm(s) you own, you always have the ability to attach a suppressor to your weapons to provide greater benefit. Suppressors aren’t just capable of reducing the sound produced when shooting, but also protecting your ears and eyes while minimizing recoil.

2019 saw a massive amount of new firearm accessories and attachments released and 2020 is expected to be no different. Nearly every major firearm brand seems to have a new version of suppressor being released within the next several months.

Of the anticipated suppressors expected to be released in 2020, we overviewed seven in our list above. Here is a concise list of some of the suppressors you’ll see on the market in 2020.

  • Gemtech Lunar 9
  • Ase Utra Au Radien
  • Sig Sauer 3D Printed Silencer (Titanium & Inconel)
  • Yankee Hill Machine Resonator K
  • SilencerCo. Omega 36M
  • Griffin Armament GP-N
  • Yankee Hill Machine Turbo Integral

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