What Is The Most Effective Suppressor Baffle Stack Design?


If you are thinking of adding an accessory to your gun collection, you may be curious as to what the most effective baffle stack design. There are many variables that go into the designing and manufacturing of a baffle stack suppressor. 

A suppressor can be very helpful whether you shoot for competition or for game. One aspect of shooting that owners need to be mindful of is the noise. The noise from a gun can be damaging to your hearing as well as scaring off other prey. 

Using a suppressor on your gun can help. A suppressor works by helping to dull or greatly reduce the sound that comes out when your gun is shot. 

What is a baffle stack? 

A baffle stack suppressor is made up of a tube that is attached to your gun. The inside of the tube is made up of baffles. The baffles help reduce noise by creating room for the gas to expand. The baffles can also have holes drilled in to them. This creates even more space for turbulence. 

The baffle tube is sealed and there are front and rear caps. These caps are threaded so you can remove the suppressor and clean it. 


There are 5 different types of baffle stack designs

1.Cap Welded

A cap welded design has the front and rear caps welded on to the cylinder. The baffles have been just pressed into the tube. It is important to note that although these baffles are tightly packed in, they are not attached to the tube. 

2.Tack Welded

This is an older design style for baffles. In this type, the baffles are stacked outside of the tube. The edges are welded at 2 or 3 points on the perimeter. This baffle stack is then pressed into the tube and the caps are welded on. 

3.Fully welded stack

In this design, the rim of each baffle is welded by its full circumference to the next baffle in the stack. The entire assembly is then lathe turned and then pressed into the tube. It is then welded into place or the caps are welded on. Sometimes both happen. 

4.Fully Welded, No Tube

This is a construction design used by Sig. This process involves constructing the baffles to have external, cylindrical skirts. These baffles are then welded into a stack with the skirts forming the actual tube. 

5. Monocore

This type begins as a solid cylinder of the baffle material. Then holes and baffles are bored out. Then this cylinder is simply inserted into a tube. 

What design type should you choose? 

This depends on the type of gun you own, how well you will maintain it and how much experience you have using one. 

The monocore type is a bit heavier than the others. However, because of how it is made, you can have a monocore designed to fit any type of gun. 

If you want a lighter weight option, you should choose the Fully Welded, No Tube suppressor. This type does not have both an internal baffle stack and an external tube so it is naturally lighter. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately the suppressor you choose should complement your gun, your experience level and your shooting goals. Your local gun shop can help you decide which one is right for you. 

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