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Brand Overview

Rugged Suppressors is a relatively new suppressor manufacturer that officially began selling firearm accessories in 2014, but its initiatives far surpass even the most highly-regarded suppressor companies. The company prides itself on its quality control practices and guarantees that all products have been tested before being listed for sale on the market.

Another unique component of Rugged Suppressors’ business practices is the fact that it designs its products directly for the consumers, not to appease investors. With these practices and ideologies, Rugged Suppressors has made its mark in the firearm suppressor industry.

The products available for purchase from Rugged Suppressors include suppressors, rifle accessories, obsidian accessories, apparel, and other firearm gear.

Current Suppressor Models

Of the suppressors that Rugged Suppressors manufactures are pistol and rifle. Here is a brief overview of the individual products in each of these categories.


This pistol suppressor boasts a design that drastically reduces carbon buildup in the firearm after firing and an impressive mounting system that allows you to easily replace the suppressor if damage were to occur. This suppressor is built for any firing rate and comes with two configurations to allow you to adjust based on your intended goals.


This pistol suppressor comes with two configurations, both long and short, and is engineered to reduce the buildup of gas in its tube. This suppressor is also fully compatible with any accessory built for the Obsidian9 and is one of the quietest suppressors that Rugged Suppressors offers.


This rifle suppressor is easily removable and replaceable if it becomes damaged and you can easily switch between the longer and shorter configurations at your own leisure. This suppressor is capable of handling any rate of fire and its stainless steel construction will prevent damage from occurring with consistent use.


This rifle suppressor is capable of withstanding any rate or type of firing, a concept supported by its high-quality stainless steel construction. The design of this suppressor successfully reduces the gas blowback that occurs when firing (common with other suppressors) and prevents the buildup of carbon as a result of its dual locking system feature.


This pistol suppressor was built to reduce the typical sound that occurs with the first round is fired and be easily adjustable in terms of switching between the longer and shorter configurations. It’s noted for its impressive stainless steel construction and its ability to significantly reduce the firing sound.


This rifle suppressor is constructed in a way that limits the amount of gas blowback that occurs with each shot and guarantees accuracy with product testing prior to shipping. Its dual locking system and stainless steel design also guarantee durability long-term.


This rifle suppressor is guaranteed to provide you with the precision and accuracy you desire by testing the product before it’s shipped to you. This suppressor is compatible with rifles calibers up to 300 RUM and is extremely easy to replace and repair when damage does occur to the suppressor.

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