Top 10 New Suppressors from the 2020 SHOT Show

Whether you consider yourself an avid outdoorsman or you just like to let some steam off at the shooting range down the road every Friday afternoon, the new equipment debuted at the 2020 SHOT Show can significantly impact your shooting experience in the coming year. We are truly exited about the top suppressors coming in 2020

The 2020 SHOT Show was held at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada between January 21-24. Over the course of those four days, some of the best gun and ammunition suppliers in America displayed their new releases for 2020 that are sure to captivate the average gun enthusiast and casual shooters.

Some of the hottest new items from the 2020 SHOT Show weren’t guns or ammunition at all, but rather suppressors. Here’s a look at the top 10 new suppressors from the 2020 SHOT Show and a brief guide on how to purchase the best suppressor for you.

When selecting suppressors for this list, we only considered suppressors that were on display at the 2020 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. As we reviewed each of the more popular products on display, we considered the unique features of each and the potential they carry long-term.

Of the criteria we reviewed are durability, versatility, and quality. Based on these criteria, here are our top 10 new suppressors from the 2020 S020 SHOT Show.

NOTE: Keep in mind that not all of these products have been formally released yet, but they are expected to be released sometime during 2020.

1 – Sig Sauer 3D Printed Silencer

These Sig Sauer 3D Printed Silencers aren’t just great suppressors from a highly-regarded manufacturer, but also set the stage for the potential future of suppressor manufacturing. While Sig Sauer has been producing 3D printed silencers since at least 2015, the 2020 line is much more updated and of significantly higher quality.

Different from previous models is the fact that these silencers are made of titanium and Inconel, which are both high-quality metals recognized for their durability in firearm accessories. This suppressor is explicitly built for shorter barrel sporting rifles like .308, 762, and 300BLK, so you’re not entirely limited when it comes to which of your guns you can use it with.

The most unique features of this Sig Sauer suppressor are its Taper Lok that maximizes accuracy and alignment and easily removable wrench flats that allow you to adjust the length of the barrel at your leisure.

The Sig Sauer 3D Printer Silencer also further opens the door to 3D printing guns, ammo, and other accessories. These practices can greatly increase the amount of these materials in circulation and reduce the cost associated with them.

2 – Hush Puppy Project Model 2

The Hush Puppy Project Model 2 is a firearm suppressor suitable for any 9mm Luger. As a wipe-based silencer that significantly reduces the potential release of gas and heat when fired, you can guarantee optimal noise cancellation when pulling the trigger. Though not the most popular design type, it is effective.

To maximize silencing abilities, the Model 2 includes six built-in wipes designed to be replaced after consistent use or when you notice a louder sound produced after firing the weapon. Not only is this suppressor highly capable of reducing sound, but it also performs extraordinarily well for its small size. It’s considered a compact suppressor, but that doesn’t affect its abilities.

This model is currently unreleased, but gun enthusiasts across the country are eagerly awaiting its upcoming release.

3 – Yankee Hill Machine Resonator K

The Yankee Hill Machine Resonator K is a .30 caliber suppressor engineered to be lightweight and reduce sound, all at a relatively discounted price. The product is constructed of stainless steel and Inconel materials to guarantee a high-quality product with impressive durability for years.

The suppressor is sold with an already-attached mount and muzzle brake, but you’re not confined to using these additions. With its 1-3/8”-24 thread, you’ll be able to remove the current mount and take advantage of a more significant number of mounting products available online. This gives you the ability to tailor your firearm to your preferences.

In addition to the mount and suppressor, you’ll also be allowed to choose between a Phantom Muzzle Brake or a Flash Hider. No matter what your firearm needs are, Yankee Hill Machine will help you get there.

This is a solid choice if you enjoy modifying your gun.

4 – Gemtech Lunar 9

Another Top Suppressor for 2020 will be the Gemtech Lunar 9. It is an extremely impressive 9mm suppressor advertised as Gemtech’s most quiet suppressor to date. This suppressor model is incredibly versatile in terms of the range of products it can be used with, including 9mm, SMGs, 300BLK, and pistol caliber carbines.

Depending on your firearm and how you prefer to use your suppressor, you have a choice between a 7-inch and 4.7-inch configuration, all dependent on how you plan to use your gun. Switching between the two configurations is simple, making this a remarkable feature of this suppressor.

The physical construction of this suppressor makes it clear that Gentech was seeking an unusually durable product. The composition of this suppressor includes a stainless steel baffle, aluminum tubing, and a hard coat finish to further secure durability.

This is one of the best 2020 suppressor choices if you prefer to customize your firearm at your own leisure.

5 – Energetic Armament Lux Titanium Rifle Silencer

The Energetic Armament Lux Titanium Rifle Silencer is an abnormally lightweight rifle silencer at an extraordinary 7.9-inches in length. By far, the most significant aspect of this silencer is the ability to care for it and replace pieces as needed.

With a specialized serial ID ring, you’ll be easily able to replace the core of the silencer without risking quality and accuracy in case of damage or disrepair. The interior of the silencer is composed of boron nitride while the exterior is designed with a Diamond-Like Carbon, both uncommon materials used in suppressor manufacturing. 

What makes this suppressor worth the money is the availability of mounts you can purchase for use. With a 1.375×24 mount thread, you’ll be able to select your favorite mount from your ideal distributor and personalize your weapon to your needs.

This is an excellent option if you’re looking for a suppressor that has easily replaceable components in instances of damage.

6 – SureFire SOCOM50-SPS

While currently unreleased to the general public, the potential that the SureFire SOCO M50-SPS has is immense. This suppressor was designed to fit .50 bolt guns and semi-automatic rifles, making this one of the more unique suppressors on this list.

The most significant usable feature of this suppressor is its advertised ability to reduce muzzle flash by up to 99%, which can play a vital role when using the firearm at night. Not only will this prevent damage to your vision immediately and long-term, but it’ll also prevent others from identifying your physical location in the dark. This is incredible for hunting.

Though not much is currently known about this particular suppressor model, the manufacturer states that recoil will be reduced by about 66% when using this suppressor. These features are substantial and make this suppressor an ideal tool for night-use and hunting.

This is one of the most highly anticipated suppressors on this list.

7 – Yankee Hill Machine R9 9mm Sound Suppressor

Though this suppressor has an official release date of mid-2020, it’s already generating interest from firearm enthusiasts. When developing this model, Yankee Hill Machine engineers sought a design that would permit versatility and high-volume firing.

The Yankee Hill Machine R9 9mm suppressor does just that, proving effective in 9mm firearms as well as .300BLK and .308 configurations. The thread patterns supported by this suppressor are 1/2”-28 Direct Thread and 1-3/8”-24, which can be adjusted depending on your personal preferences.

Unlike many suppressors on the market today, the R9 sports a tubeless design, but this doesn’t affect its quality. For the purpose of durability, this suppressor is composed of stainless steel to provide ample durability without risking rust and deterioration. This suppressor requires a minimum barrel length of 16” for most firearms, but you should check with the distributor to see if other barrel lengths are supported.

This is a good choice if you’re looking to stay within your budget, but still get a quality product.

8 – Thunder Beast Arms Dominus-SR

The Thunder Beast Arms Dominus was actually first available for purchase on the opening day of the 2020 SHOW Show in Las Vegas. When developing this suppressor, Thunder Beast Arms sought to provide full-auto durability, accuracy, and lightweight design.

The Dominus-SR is fitted for use with .30 caliber rifles and 5.56 assault rifles and has been shown to greatly reduce the sound produced when firing these weapons. In its tubeless design, the Dominus-SR sports a titanium exterior capable of withstanding any amount of firing you put it through.

Also included in the product is the option to add flash hiders or muzzle brakes, an SR mount, and a highly-secure 360-degree welded baffle core. What makes this suppressor so great is its impressive durability.

9 – SureFire Ryder 9TI Suppressor

This SureFire Ryder 9TI Suppressor is one of many SureFire suppressors that debuted at the 2020 SHOT Show, making 2020 an exciting year for SureFire. This model can be equipped with any 9mm pistol or rifle, providing a durable and lightweight construction for maximal usability.

The suppressor is composed of specialized heat-treated stainless steel material to prevent normal wear and tear that all firearms experience after consistent use. As a result of its titanium tube, the suppressor is incredibly lightweight as compared to other models.

In terms of ability to fully suppress the SureFire Ryder 9TI Suppressor is capable of not only reducing sound but also flash and dust. This will allow you to protect your ears from hearing damage at all times, your vision when using your weapon at night, and your eyes at all times with reduced dust and debris.

To top it all off, the baffles are easily removable and you have the choice between three colors (black, dark gray, and gray).

10 – Yankee Hill Machine Nitro N20 Sound Suppressor

While you might be tired of seeing Yankee Hill Machine products on this list, we can’t deny the quality, durability, and versatility of their products. That’s why we just had to include the Yankee Hill Machine Nitro N20 Sound Suppressor. Keep in mind that this is not available for purchase until late 2020.

The first way you can adapt the weapon to your needs is by adjusting the type of mount used with the suppressor, as you’re given the option between the Phantom Q.D. adapter, Nielsen adapter, and a ton of other options. You also have the ability to adjust the length of the suppressor (short or long) or implement your own wipe to further reduce sound created.

This suppressor supports a wide variety of weapons, including sub guns, pistols, and light-duty rifles boasting 9mm, .308, or .17HMR configurations. What makes this suppressor stand out from the rest is the ability to personalize the weapon in a large number of ways.

A Guide to Suppressors

If you’re relatively new to guns and shooting, you might be wondering what suppressors are and why you would be interested in buying one. Simply put, a suppressor is a piece of equipment attached to the end of a firearm to reduce the sound produced when it’s fired.

However, there are several types of suppressors that each play their own role when it comes to firearms. Here’s some general information about the types of suppressors and how they can be used for optimal results.

How Suppressors Really Work

It’s easy to say that suppressors simply silence a gun when it’s fired, but there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes to make them work as they should.

When you s the trigger of a firearm, it causes a significant release of heat and gases which, when combined, result in a loud sound that’s commonly associated with gunfire. When a trigger is pulled on a firearm that has a suppressor attached, the suppressor causes a slower release of this heat and gas. 

Basically, rather than a quick release of gas that results in a loud bang, suppressors slow the gas release process and reduce the sound at the same time. The gas and heat are thus released at a slower speed and not all at once.

This is why suppressors are usually referred to as “silencers.”

Reasons to Use a Silencer

There are many reasons you might want to use a suppressor, some more obvious than others. Here are three major reasons you should consider buying a suppressor if you plan to use your firearms more consistently.

They provide hearing protection. The most popular reason for using a suppressor is to protect your hearing, as shooting a firearm without a suppressor can potentially damage your hearing due to the number of decibels this produces. If you only use your firearm casually every few weeks or months, you probably wouldn’t experience any type of hearing loss. However, if you use your gun weekly or even daily, you should definitely look into getting a suppressor.

They’re quieter. If you live in an area where your neighbors are within earshot or sound travels easily when the wind blows just right, you may have gotten noise complaints from your neighbors, even when you were using the gun on your own property. Adding a silencer to your weapon will reduce the sound produced and help prevent these awkward confrontations with your neighbors.

There’s less recoil. When you squeeze the trigger of a firearm that doesn’t have a suppressor, the gun will jerk back as a result of the quick release of heat and gas. Because a silencer reduces the speed at which heat and gas are released, there is a less substantial kickback within the gun. Not only is this better for your wrists and hands, but it also allows you to get off the next shot more quickly without having to realign your shot.

Choosing the Right Suppressor in 2020

Suppressors are typically designed to fit a specific caliber gun. So, if you have a 9mm pistol, you should be buying a suppressor meant for this type of weapon.

Knowing these specifics are half the battle. Actually selecting a suppressor is the other half. The best thing you can do is research reputable suppressor brands, determine which features are what you’re looking for, and what your price range is.

The best suppressor isn’t necessarily the one with the highest ratings, but the one that fits your needs.


It doesn’t matter if you’re new to using firearms or you’re a 20-year firearm veteran, suppressors can positively impact your relationship with your guns. At the 2020 SHOT Show, dozens of new suppressors released in 2020 were on display to the public and many of these top suppressors appeared to be consciously designed and have great potential.

Depending on the type of firearm you own, your most anticipated top suppressor in 2020 may be different than our suggestions above, but our recommendation is the Sig Sauer 3D Printed Silencer…We can’t wait to get our hands on that one!

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