Best Suppressors 2019

Best Suppressors for 2019

Introduction You are going out to purchase a silencer, however, which one do you buy? Which one is best for your firearm? Well, there are so many options that we are here to guide you along the right path. Before you can purchase a silencer, you must know how to purchase the right one and some specifics about suppressors. After…

What is a Baffle Stack Suppressor?

Introduction Without a doubt, owning a gun is a great privilege and a right. Many people own guns for a variety of reasons. They use them for hunting, sport and collecting. In fact, owning a gun can be considered an investment.  One of the advantages of owning a gun, is being able to add on accessories. These accessories include scopes,…

Are suppressors legal?

Are Suppressors Legal?

One of the most common concerns among gun owners, especially those who are switching to more powerful and thus load rounds, is whether they’ll be able to legally procure a silencer to protect their hearing. It’s more than just a great question, because using a suppressor, sometimes called a “silencer,” is the only safe way to protect hearing from supersonic…


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