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Brand Overview

Texas Silencer Company is an American-based company that prides itself in its products designed for the serious American hunter. When developing each new product, the company focuses on providing optimal levels of precision and developing a product that the company is truly proud of.

Texas Silencer Company describes all of its products as accurate, quiet, versatile, strong, and recoil reducing, which make them great products all around. These high-quality products meet the needs of hunting enthusiasts and the company’s warranty guarantees the company will fix your silencer for free if anything happens to go wrong when using it.

The only products that Texas Silencer Company sells are suppressors.

Current Suppressor Models

Of the suppressors that Texas Silencer Company manufactures are rifle and rimfire. Here is a brief overview of the individual products in each of these categories.

Hunter .308 Caliber

This hunting rifle suppressor is an astounding 9 inches long and is compatible with any rifle between .233 Remington and .300 Winchester Magnum. It supports fully automatic rifle fire and has a replaceable end cap that can be replaced with .308, .270, .243, and .223 end caps for even greater versatility. This product is constructed of stainless steel, so you won’t have to worry about wear and tear with consistent use.

When you purchase this suppressor, you’ll get the suppressor with an already attached .308 end cap, a .223 caliber end cap, a wrench for the end caps, and a carrying case for the suppressor.

Picture Credit: Texas Suppressor Company

Outrider Titanium

This titanium rifle suppressor is noted for its incredible durability and strength considering the tasks it’s required to perform. This suppressor is much lighter weight than other hunting rifle suppressors at 12 ounces, but its titanium construction prevents this lightweight design from being considered weak or not powerful. You’ll also be able to adapt the threat to fit your weapon of choice.

When you purchase this suppressor, you’ll get the suppressor, end cap wrench, and a 1/2×28 to 5/8×24 thread adapter.

Scoundrel .22

This rimfire suppressor is composed of a solid combination of stainless steel and titanium, ensuring long-term usage without damage to the product. It’s an incredibly lightweight suppressor at 5.3 ounces and also severely limits the sound produced by the rifle when it’s fired. This suppressor is considered easy to clean and care for due to its easy slide core that you can remove when cleaning is necessary.

When you purchase this suppressor, you’ll get the suppressor and a wrench to allow you to remove and apply your suppressor.

Company Warranty

In the ideal world, your suppressor will never break, corrode, or become damaged in any way. However, Texas Silencer Company knows that these situations are all too common, and a good company will have a way to fix these situations immediately after they arise.

Texas Silencer Company is so confident in its products and loyal to its customer base that it’ll fix your Texas Silencer Company suppressor if it were to break or become damaged.

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