Top Suppressor Brands on the Market

When it comes time to purchase a suppressor, there are countless brands available. Of course, each will tell you they’re the best, but what brands have truly earned a great reputation? Let’s take a look at the top suppressor brands out there today.


With a name like SilencerCo, you would expect a quality suppressor, and SilencerCo is definitely one of the top brands producing this component today. However, SilencerCo provides complete solutions to start using a suppressor for popular guns like Glock, such as threaded barrels. Their suppressors have garnered a reputation for not only being high-quality, but also adding innovative features that either push performance to the limit or introduce new concepts beyond basic suppression.


BLACKHAWK! is betting big that legislation called the HPA will soon be passed. If passed into law, it would make suppressors as easy to get as any other component, without the need for huge tax burdens and registration. As such, they’ve created a huge line of suppressors that are high-quality and very affordable. They support many models and also have very premium suppressors, too.

Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer provides suppressors for everything from the .338 Lapua to the .22LR and has one of the biggest line ups of the major manufacturers. Sig Sauer especially focuses on quality and ease of use, setting them apart from other suppressor manufacturers. For example, their rifle suppressors do not feature an external sleeve, and their suppressors are larger in diameter than is industry standard to improve performance.

Alpha Dog

Alpha Dog produces a very unique suppressor that features a full-length Picatinny rail and integrated sights, allowing maximum compatibility with other components—an area that many others admittedly suffer with. Additionally, Alpha Dog suppressors use the rail as a cooling heat tank. Alpha Dog’s innovative suppressors clearly think outside of the box and are a manufacturer to watch.


The great thing about AAC is how wide their lineup is. AAC offers suppressors for everything from big bore rifles to rimfire cartridges. They are also known for having excellent customer service. This commitment to customers includes a lifetime warranty, perfect for anything that happens. That said, their suppressors are hardy enough that something happening is supremely unlikely.


Gemini Technologies, usually simply called Gemtech, produce suppressors that are favored by law enforcement and military personnel. As such, their equipment meets or exceeds the highest standards. Models such as the Gemtech GMT-300 are pricier than other suppressors, but are the absolute best way to get supersonic rounds down to a sound level that is safe to be around.

Choosing Brands

There are many great brands such as these, and countless others on the market today. When deciding on a brand, it’s important to remember that not only should it offer the features you want, but also be price reasonably, have a solid construction, and preferably back up the product with a warranty.
Reading reviews from a trusted source such as ours is also critical to ensuring you get the absolute best.

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